Chicago String Quartet

The Chicago String Quartet combines some of Chicago's finest players together into a world class string quartet with years of experience performing for weddings and corporate events. Performing classical, jazz and pop selections, depending on the atmosphere our clients are trying to create, The Chicago String Quartet creates energy and excitement in the room but at a low volume so your guests can still mingle and network. 

The Wedding March

Rondo from Quartet in G Major by Mozart

Weddings - Ceremony & Cocktail Hours

The Chicago String Quartet typically performs gathering music for 20-30 minutes before the ceremony begins with requested selections from the couple that could include rock, pop, country, classical and jazz selections. The music sets the mood and creates a festive atmosphere as your guests arrive.


In addition the quartet is well versed in traditional wedding ceremonies and can make suggestions on selections to perform or will work with the couple to select the perfect music for each aspect of the ceremony. 


Following the ceremony the quartet can stay in place or move to another room and provide background music for cocktails and dinnner.

Allegro Moderato for Quartet in A Major

Allegro from Eine Kliene Nachtmusik by Mozart

Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles

Hava Ana



"Simply unforgettable.Both Sean and I feel so lucky to have had you there. You and your group are wonderful. I'd be happy to be a good reference for you if you ever need one. Thank you again."


- Kim Lan Stadnik