A Jazz Trio at a Baptism Reception? It Actually Works Really Well!

Baptism is a very exciting event in the life of your child and because of that your family and friends want to lend support and celebrate the occasion. Now the question is, what to do after the church portion of the Baptism with your guests?

Because of the amount of family and friends in attendance many parents decide to have a reception for their child at a restaurant or banquet hall so that their guests can visit, mingle and enjoy a meal in celebration of the occasion.

In recent year’s we have been getting inquiries about having a jazz trio perform background music at after Baptism receptions. At first I wasn’t sure if live music would work at an after Baptism reception but now that we have performed at over a dozen of them I have to tell you, it works really well!

To start with I worked with the parents in order coordinate our start time with the arrival of the guests at the Banquet facility. The most recent reception we performed at was following a church service that began at 11am so we planned the arrival of the guests at the Banquet facility to be at 12:15pm, and the timing worked perfectly. Selecting the music is also a very important part of creating the right atmosphere and I have found the mix of music that appeals to the Grandparents as well as the 30 year olds in the room are songs by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald and others. It is also VERY important to create some energy and excitement in the room but at a low volume level so guests can easily talk and visit. At 12:15pm as the guests arrived the first thing they noticed when they entered the room was the music followed by the decorations and the hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.

Mike Jeffers Trio

The trio played for about an hour until lunch was served and that’s when the parents thanked everyone for coming, the priest said a blessing and then the music started again as background music for lunch. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the music was slightly lighter than the first hour because guests were sitting down for lunch and it was important that the volume didn’t restrict conversation.

The total performance time was 12:15pm – 2:45pm which worked out perfectly and it was coordinated with the time guests arrived and the time they departed.

As I mentioned when I was first contacted by someone a few years ago regarding performing at a Baptism I was skeptical of how it would work but now that we have done about a dozen of them I can’t believe more people don’t think to include live music as part of the reception. It really adds to the atmosphere!

If you have any questions or need help planning an event or booking entertainment email me at michaeljeffers@chicagojazz.com or submit the inquiry through our website. Inquiry Form

Mike Jeffers is the founder of Chicago Jazz Magazine and Chicago Jazz Entertainment and has been performing and coordinating music for corporate receptions, weddings and private parties for over 20 years.

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