Monday Morning Jazz Trio: Holiday Tunes in the Lobby of an Office Building!

What would your employees do if they walked into work on a Monday morning and in the lobby of the building they were greeted by a jazz trio performing “Jazzed Up” versions of classic holiday songs?

The Mike Jeffers Trio Performing Jazz Holiday Tunes at 7am - 9am for people arriving for work on a Monday Morning!

Last week my jazz trio performed at 7am on a Monday morning as a special holiday surprise for employees arriving at work during the holiday season. The reaction from people when they walked into the lobby, turned the corner ,and saw a live jazz trio performing such songs as Sleigh Ride, White Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and others was priceless! People went from having a long tired expression on their face because it was the start of a work week to smiling, singing along and even, in once case, dancing!

For the past few years we have worked with concierge and businesses to create a fun atmosphere for companies and their employees during the holidays. Now you might be asking, “how can you play holiday music with a jazz trio?” It actually works incredibly well because many of the songs are recognizable to most people and when they are played with upright bass, piano and drums, it adds an extra element of energy and excitement!

Here is a sample of the Jazz Trio performing some holiday classics:

If you want to excite your employee’s or your tenants during the holidays, surprise them with the sounds of the season performed by a live jazz trio. They will remember it for year’s to come!

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Mike Jeffers is the founder of Chicago Jazz Magazine and Chicago Jazz Entertainment and has been performing and coordinating music for corporate receptions, weddings and private parties for over 20 years.

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